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Title icon “Fight against Influenza to Stay Healthy” Influenza Vaccination Starting from October 1
Date:2015/10/02 | Update Date:2015/11/12 19:25
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Data Source:Centers for Disease Control 

 As the weather becomes cooler in autumn, it is the epidemic season of influenza. This year, government-funded influenza vaccination is offered starting from October 1. Centers for Disease Control called on the public to complete influenza vaccination as soon as possible before the epidemic season. Today (September 30th), the artist Song, Yi-Ming and his wife Chen, Wei-Ling brought their daughter to have the vaccination against influenza and reminded citizens eligible for government-funded vaccination to get the vaccination as soon as possible.

Song said that his daughter and son are qualified for the government-funded vaccination this year. His daughter is in the high-risk group of being infected and prone to complications after infection, while his son in elementary school is easy to spread influenza to the high-risk group. For their health, Song had the two children vaccinated against influenza.

Deputy Director-General of Centers for Disease Control Chuang, Jen-Hsiang indicated that the vaccine used is formed with virus strain which is annually updated and recommended by WHO for the Northern Hemisphere and consists of 2 kinds of Type A (H1N1 and H3N2) and one kind of Type B virus strains. This year, 3,163,000 vaccines were purchased for the elderly aged over 65, residents of nursing institutions, infants and children from 6 months old to grade six, pregnant women, patients aged between 50 to 64 and suffering from chronic diseases, people with major illness/injury certificate, and personnel engaged in medical and epidemic prevention, livestock industry, and animal epidemic prevention. Deputy Director-General Chuang reminded qualified citizens that they should complete the vaccination before the peak of epidemic season to obtain sufficient protection. In addition, starting from October 1, one pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) will be offered to the elderly aged over 75 who have not been vaccinated with pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPV) after 65 years old. The qualified elderly can have influenza vaccination and PCV at the same time to obtain dual protection. The elderly, children, and patients suffering from chronic diseases are groups under high risks of influenza. In Taiwan, it is a common practice that grandparents take care of children at home; infected children enrolled at schools may bring virus to children and the elderly at home. As a result, children and the elderly had better obtain vaccination on time.

Centers for Disease Control said that although the vaccination against influenza can effectively reduce the opportunity of infection, vaccinated citizens may have the risk of suffering from common colds caused by other viruses. Thus, the public should be careful about personal hygiene and health, and take various preventive measures. For any questions, please dial the disease prevention hotline 1922 for inquiry. 



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