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Title icon Explanation Concerning the Supply of Medications Required for the Formosa Fun Coast Dust Explosion
Date:2015/06/29 | Update Date:2015/11/12 19:23
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Data Source:Food and Drug Administration 

 Three days have passed since the Formosa Fun Coast dust explosion occurred. The injured have been distributed to hospitals across the nation for treatment. The public is concerned that there will be an insufficient supply of medications for the substantial number of burn patients. The Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare (hereinafter “the FDA”), explains the situation as follows:

On the day the incident occurred, the FDA and the directors of local health bureaus and the pharmacy departments of major hospitals established a LINE bulletin group. Contact has been made with 46 medical institutions receiving patients from this incident to confirm that there are no issues with the medication supply. Regarding the supply of the various types of medication required, personnel were sent immediately to sale counters of controlled drugs to prepare to respond to emergency calls and demands from the treatment end. In addition, an emergency mobilization of personnel was initiated to take inventory of stocks of morphine hydrochloride injections, fentanyl injections, and other Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 controlled drugs. Four to five months of stocks currently remain, and there are also 8 to 22 months of stocks for active pharmaceutical ingredients. The short-term supply of medication for emergency medical needs is confirmed to be ample. Additionally, the FDA website has announced contact methods for emergency needs for Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 controlled drugs during after-work hours.

A list of the drugs required by burn patients has been established. It consists primarily of albumin, burn ointments, and intravenous infusions. Stocks of drugs, dressings, and medical equipment are confirmed daily, and issues of insufficiency have yet to occur. For urgently needed medications, the FDA first conducts an investigation and provides a contact window for information (attachment). If medical institutions have needs, help in coordinating with vendors for medical supplies can be provided. Regarding the stock of burn ointments, approximately 7500 domestically produced bottles of at least 400 g and 5712 500 g bottles remain. Among imported products, 2000 bottles remain. Subsequent investment shall increase production to 3000 to 4000 500 g bottles daily. A total of 60,000 albumin bottles remain (albumin 25%, 5 ml). Additionally, inventory has been taken of the medical equipment licenses that may be required. An emergency dispatch window has been established to handle reports on medical equipment shortages in hospitals. Current statistics indicate than more than 1000 emergency licenses for required medical equipment have been handled. Among these, more than 400 medical equipment licenses have been provided for burn dressings and artificial skin. With regard to products specially required for major burns, assistance in the dispatch of related products or alternatives is currently being provided.

To ensure the quality of the drugs used for burn patients and to allow resources to be used efficiently, the FDA has established a medical supplies donation process. Donors are asked to fill out the Formosa Fun Coast Incident Burn Drug Donation Data Sheet and submit it to the FDA. The FDA will provide these data for planning and use by the Public Health Department, New Taipei City Government.

In response to long-term treatment needs, the pharmaceutical factories of the FDA will dispatch personnel for overtime work to manufacture analgesic drugs and launch procurement cases for drug imports to increase stocks. With regard to the drugs and dressings required for burns, firms will be coordinated for ad-hoc imports or production. Taiwan’s pharmaceutical and medical equipment associations have expressed their full cooperation in production and supply. Everyone is working together to help patients to a speedy recovery.




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